It’s colder than a witch’s [….]…

Sweet baby buddha, it is cold.  I know you know this (especially if you live in Chicago), but seriously?? -10 below?? Really, now?  Chalk it up to being born in July or that my parents are from the Caribbean, but I have a crazy bad reaction to the cold.  It makes me feel sad and poor, kind of like an orphan in a Dickens novel.   No matter how many layers I have on, I feel as though I am walking around in a threadbare coat with fingerless gloves on, asking for more gruel, please.  I have been knitting socks and drinking gallons of hot chocolate in an attempt to make the best of it in a Little House on the Prairie kind of way, but there comes a point where you realize that you will never truly be warm again and you just give up.

So, in an attempt to warm myself from the inside out, I go in search of comfort food—lots of soups, stews, slow cooked food, spices and chocolate (that last once is just because).

I cooked up a huge pot of chili this weekend in anticipation that three pairs of socks, two scarves and heavy duty mittens weren’t really going to cut it.  I used lots of hot peppers, which nicely flushed my cheeks and got me to remove one of my jackets during lunch.  I’m still feeling warm and cozy 20 minutes later.   I think the best part about chili is that it’s open to lots of interpretation since you can basically make it up with whatever you have in your kitchen—sausage, ground beef, different kinds of beans, tomatoes, whichever spices make you happy.  Make a lot, pull out a comforter and forget about going outside until Spring.

Chili Recipe

Ø       1 12 ounce can each of hot chili beans and black beans, drained

Ø       1 12 ounce can of diced tomatoes, drained (if you can find fresh ones, chop up a couple)

Ø       1 pound hot turkey sausage, casings removed

Ø       1 small onion, chopped

Ø       2 cloves garlic, minced

Ø       1 tablespoon olive oil

Ø       2 teaspoons hot curry powder

Ø       2 teaspoons cumin

Ø       ¼ teaspoon dried red pepper flakes

Ø       salt to taste

Heat olive oil in large pot; add onion and garlic and stir until wilted.  Add turkey sausage and brown, breaking up with a fork (about 6-8 minutes on medium high heat).  Add beans, tomatoes and spices.  Cover and lower heat.  Simmer for 30 to soften beans.  Ladle into bowls, top with jalapenos, cheese and sour cream, if you want!


2 Responses to It’s colder than a witch’s [….]…

  1. Paige says:

    I made this chili tonight and it was really good (and hot, just the way I like it)! I added a small can of tomato sauce to thin it out just a little, but otherwise it was great…and definitely made me feel warmer!

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