What’s Next?

We’ve discussed the fact that Heather doesn’t really know what to cook or bake on any given day.   And Michelle is super busy getting a PhD ([from Heather]: because she’s a rockstar like that!), so cooking has kind of taken a backseat to statistics.  Add to that the fact that buying the ingredients, actually making the dish, taking a gazillion photos of it and then writing about it takes time, and you can see why days, weeks, months pass before anything new and tasty is posted here. 

So!  We’re asking for your help (and knowing what nice and lovely people you are out there in food blog land, we know you won’t let us down [hint hint]).  Is there a recipe out there that you’ve been wanting to try, but don’t have the time to test?  Or one that you’ve tried that didn’t quite work and you want to know if it’s you or the recipe (trust us, it’s the recipe–you’re a fabulous cook!).  Or! Is there something you’ve tasted and really really want to duplicate, but can’t find a recipe for?  Send them to us and we’ll work on it and post our thoughts, tweaks and pictures (and totally give you the credit for how well it turned out).  You can leave it in the comments or email us at pestlemortar@sbcglobal.net

Of course, keep in mind that neither of us are independently wealthy, so let’s keep the recipes involving shaved truffles and foie gras to minimum.  And if there’s some exotic ingredient not readily available at our local grocery store, give us a hint as to where to get it.  Finally, it should come as no shock that neither of us are professional cooks or bakers, so if it involves plucking our own chickens or making mayonnaise from scratch, pretty much go ahead and figure we aren’t going to do it.   Otherwise, we are totally up for some challenges!

Think of us as your personal chefs and taste testers.  What can we make for you?


6 Responses to What’s Next?

  1. Moe Pataky says:

    Can you make me some mofongo, my mouth waters when I just say the word, with sauteed garlic shrimp would be best. I would try, but I have no deep fat frier and no mortar and pestle. Mofongo party?

  2. pestlemortar says:

    I had to google that one, but it sounds too good to pass up… You realize you’ll have to come to Chicago, right?

  3. H2 says:

    How about you guys test and figure out the very best cream of mushroom soup and share the recipe. Today in Chicago was DESIGNED for cream of mushroom soup (50 degrees+rain rain rain).

  4. LindaL says:

    I think this winter (and this blog) should somehow incorporate clam chowder. Yes, Chicago is nowhere near viable live clams (I know barnacles on bottom of boats on Lake Michigan don’t count), but there’s gotta be a way to replicate the yummy goodness of a smooth bowl of New England chowder. Heck, why not throw some corn in there! Thank you! 🙂

  5. pestlemortar says:

    Soups are up next! I have mushrooms ready to go and am looking for a good chowder recipe…

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