Where I’ve Been…

So one of my New Year’s resolutions (remember those?) was to aim for a weekly post, usually on Wednesdays, and up until yesterday I was doing well.  But, I’ll fully admit to you that nary a thing has been cooked, baked or eaten in my kitchen since last week, because it’s Restaurant Week here in the Chi, and well, why cook when someone else wants to do it for me? And only charge me $32 for a three-course gourmet meal? And then do the dishes afterward?  You can see why dust is collecting on my stove.

Starting last Friday, I have eaten just about every meal out at one of these fabulous restaurants.  I started at Brasserie Jo with a frisee salade Lyonnaise with bacon and a poached egg, followed by sautéed skate wing with caper brown butter and culminating with chocolate mousse.  Saturday found me at Japonais, feasting on an unagi trio, tuna tuna salmon roll and basil ice cream.  Sunday and Monday were days of rest so I could get ready for lunch with the ladies at NoMI (we did wear fancy dresses, but no hats this time) where we had butternut squash soup, tuna and salmon rolls (and some random California like roll with tomatoes. Not a fan) and fromage blanc mousse with roasted pineapple.  Tuesday night (yes, you read that right. I had the nerve to go out to dinner that night), I was laughing it up at Roy’s over tempura spicy tuna sushi rolls, coconut crusted tiger shrimp, Mongolian grilled baby ribs (that was the appetizer sampler), followed by blue crab dynamite crusted Mahi Mahi and a baked pineapple strudel.  Last night, instead of posting here, I was celebrating a friend’s birthday with a lamb shank with braised artichokes at Andalous Moroccan Restaurant.  I am only slightly ashamed to admit that several glasses of Champagne accompanied each of these meals.

If there is such a thing as a food hangover, I’m just about there (oh. Forgot to mention that I’m going to Eve tonight and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse tomorrow).   I even started googling the Master Cleanse this morning.  But then I realized that it has been a wonderful, lovely week of food and laughter and friends and family and I thought how lucky I am to break bread and raise glasses with so many people.  In this busy world of relying on facebook updates and texts to keep in touch, to be able to sit across the table from some of my fave folks for a few hours and catch up in person is definitely worth those extra 5 lbs (that was as of Tuesday… we’ll see what happens by Saturday).

So thanks to Mayor Daley and the City of Chicago for a really stellar week.  I’ll be sending you the bill for my new larger wardrobe…


2 Responses to Where I’ve Been…

  1. Linda says:

    Agree with you on the faux tuna roll with tomatoes! 😉 Great post…(partially because I’m in it….sort of) 😉

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