Cocktails, Anyone?

So my birthday was last month and it was fabulous in a way that a girl can only dream.  Good friends, wonderful presents, perfect weather and lots of laughs. If this year is a fraction as lovely as my birthday celebration was I will be a lucky girl indeed.

I had my party on the rooftop of a new hotel here in the Chi and while we watched Transformers 3 being filmed below us, we munched on bacon wrapped dates stuffed with blue cheese, vegetable dumplings, bbq pork belly pizzas and whoopie pies. Yum, right?  I decided that I needed to have a specialty cocktail to enhance all of that food goodness and I knew right away that it had to involve St. Germain.  I don’t remember exactly when I discovered this bit of elderflower liqueur happiness, but it has become a favorite in the alcohol arsenal.  It can be served on its own over ice or mixed with a bit of Champagne for a delightful cocktail.  It is the perfect summer drink, because it’s sweet, mellow and understated–3 things I’m definitely not, but I love it anyway. 

Of course, my birthday specialty cocktail had to include it and I thought I’d add my other favorite, gin, to the mix.  Luckily the hotel was willing to indulge me, and even said that I could name the cocktail since it wasn’t on the regular menu.  Although I don’t have kids and have never had a pet, I’m going to say that naming a cocktail is just as important. I mean, it has to speak to my personality, the elements of the alcohol involved and the setting where it’ll be served.   You can’t just go around calling something so delicious by any name; this required thought and deliberation.  It could also be that I’m just super Type A. Either way. 

Before I tell you the name I chose, I need to backtrack a bit to give you a little history.  In case you haven’t noticed, I fully embrace my nerdiness and dorkiness.  But there is a funny and flirty side that comes out every once in awhile (and I think there are some people who would say comes out more often than I think/intend).  At any rate, I’ve been told that when I’m in full on flirting mode (and I’ve come to believe that flirting has become like breathing to me, because I really don’t realize I do it.  On the other hand, I do realize I need to look into that) I give a “look.” I’ve asked people to describe this “look” and all I get is, “it’s, like, a look. You know? A LOOK.” Not helpful. I’ve tried to give myself the “look” in the mirror, but all I see is crazy staring back at me.  Finally, one friend said, “it’s like a come hither look, but it’s your own. It’s a come Heather look.”

So, I introduce you to the Come Heather Look: equal parts St. Germain and Hendrick’s Gin, with a splash of club soda, shaken and poured into a chilled martini glass.  Garnish with a lemon twist. 

I dare you to have more than one and not create a look of your own…


4 Responses to Cocktails, Anyone?

  1. Linda says:

    Amazing how many men have been sucked in by this “Come Heather Look”….and I’m not referring to this drink! 🙂

  2. H2 says:

    I loved that drink–over ice for me to offset the temps, but not the intention!

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